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Families In Transition (FIT)

Parental separation and divorce is a painful experience for your children and it creates many changes in their lives. Your children will likely experience feelings such as guilt, anger, embarrassment, disbelief, fear, and grief. Your children will have many divorce-related questions: “Why are you getting a divorce?” “What will happen to us?” “What should I tell my friends?” Your children will need appropriate answers to these and other questions. Our program helps to address some of these issues. The FIT Program is not group therapy. We do have trained professionals who conduct the adult, adolescent, and children’s groups.


Separation and divorce required you and your children to adapt to a rapid change. There are some things you can do to make the changes easier for your children. When you and your spouse are able to work cooperatively to meet the needs of your children, it decreases the likelihood that you will return to court to resolve these differences. For this reason, an educational program to support you and your children has been established. The Court hopes to assist you and your children to cope more effectively with the problems that result from divorce by requiring you to complete the Families In Transition Program. You and your children must complete the entire program.


The Families In Transition Program is designed to help you and your children cope effectively with issues that result from divorce. You and your spouse are required by the Court to attend separate sessions. The parent with whom the children reside is responsible for ensuring the children’s attendance. Sessions will be limited to 25 parents per session. Pre-registration is required.

The FIT class is a 4 hour commitment

Saturday classes are 1 day only and are held every 6 to 8 weeks.
Sessions will be held at Family Guidance Center of Alabama, 2358 Fairlane Drive in Montgomery.
A $90 fee is charged for this program. Only cash and money orders are accepted.

To register, please contact the Counseling Department 270.4100 and request admission to the FIT Program.