Family Guidance Center

A Non-Profit Organization Providing Services for Alabama Families Since 1959


Hear from the people we serve

Family Guidance Center of Alabama strives to continually improve its programs and services that it provides for the community. Input from the community is vital to this process. Please provide us with your comments on our current services as well as how we may be able to improve these services. We also welcome your input on new emerging needs of families that you would like to see our agency respond to.

Please email your comments to us. Thank you.

Below is recent feedback we have received from families that have utilized our services:

Family Service Center of Lowndes County

  • “My girls are doing so much better. We talk more and do more projects together and we have less conflicts and more compromise.”
  • “Your time is a great service for my family and I.”
  • “Everyone is so friendly and kind—like they really care about you.”

Child Care Management Program

Child Care Assistance

  • "Your assistance {with child care funds} allowed me to keep a full-time job. Before I got help, I was struggling to keep a job because I could not afford day care for my 3 children."
  • "With the help of Family Guidance, I kept my family together. I was able to go to school at night and keep a part time job until I finished my schooling. Now I don't need child care assistance, but I am so grateful to Family Guidance for their help."
  • "Family Guidance Center has been the life rope when I thought there was no hope left. You have given me the help I needed when I did not know where I was going to turn or what I was going to do."

Child Care Training and Education

  • A participant in a Welcome to Child Care Course shared the following: "The two most important things learned today were that work as hard as you can and like what you do. Allow people to want to come to you, being the type of teacher that leaves a good impression. I have never seen anyone display so much concern, love and ability to do what was done in the training. Wonderful job. I look forward to getting as much training as possible. I'm sure I will not be disappointed."
  • The best comment from the Week of the Young Child Concerts was a little boy leaving who said, "this was a fun, fun, fun day!"

Family Service Center of Jefferson County

  • "The staff is a great bunch of people, they understand a person's needs."
  • "Yes my worker is very good talking to me when I need help or just need to talk."
  • "The teacher is great she gives "first hand" advice...from one parent to another. She is very down to earth and honest!"