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Coaching for Excellence in Employment Program

The Coaching for Excellence in Employment program links DHR-referred individuals with a trained, on-staff Coach. Available statewide, the program emphasizes attainment of your life's goals with a focus on employment, and safe, nurturing families for children.

Having a Coach provides added motivation and inspiration to pursue your important goals. Coaches guide you in finding your own set of strategies that propel you forward instead of feeling like you are running in circles. They help you stay flexible so that when the first plan doesn’t work, you’re ready to try a new plan. Coaches believe in you. They believe that you are in charge of your life. Coaches help you realize that you have all the resources you need to succeed, and then help you access those personal resources.

Coaches help you:

  • Set a life plan with attainable action steps
  • Pursue education goals
  • Prepare for employment through career assessment, job training, and job search
  • Be successful on the job
  • Develop life skills
  • Balance life’s expectations with personal resources

Life Coaching is available at no cost to DHR-referred men and women who are pursuing education, employment, and family goals. Coaching for Excellence in Employment is a program of Family Guidance Center of Alabama in partnership with Alabama Department of Human Resources and is available statewide.